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Joka’s Wild FD Fundraiser Division is dedicated to your success.

In addition to being the founder of the Nassau FD Rant and Suffolk FD Rant websites, our owner is a past President of the Seaford Hook, Ladder & Engine Company #1, and has been instrumental in successful FD fundraisers of all kinds.

We understand the logistics of setting up a profitable FD fundraiser and will give you the expert advice you need to ensure your event meets or exceeds your expectations.

Make your casino fundraiser easy and profitable.

A Joka’s Wild casino fundraiser is easy to set up and run because your guests are not gambling for real money. “Vegas Nights” that involve real money are a completely different animal — and they come with mountains of hassles and legal red tape.

When you host a Joka’s Wild casino fundraiser, your guests are playing to win prizes that your members have solicited from local merchants. We have run countless casino fundraisers across Long Island, and our model has proven profitable time after time.

We’ll show you how to maximize your fundraiser profits.

We can work with you to determine the most appropriate ticket price for your guests, depending on your goals and what else you will be offering (such as food and beverages).

Cash StackPROFIT BOOSTER: Many of our fundraising clients have been able to get our casino party services for FREE by getting businesses or individuals to sponsor each casino table. We have had casino fundraisers where each table had two or three sponsors!

PROFIT BOOSTER: Most prizes at our casino fundraisers have been donated by local merchants or vendors who deal with our clients. If you can rely on your members to solicit prizes effectively, you may not have to lay out a single cent for prizes.

PROFIT BOOSTER: We will knock $100 off our bill for each of your members who will serve as dealers for the night, up to $500! We will arrive early at your event to give them the training they need.

PROFIT BOOSTER: Chip re-buys! When your guests run out of their original chip stack, our dealers will encourage them to purchase more chips — cash profits that go directly to you, 100 percent.

PROFIT BOOSTER: In addition to our casino tables, you can hold a 50/50 drawing during the event to raise additional funds — more cash profits that go directly and totally to you.

We Bring The Party to You! Call: (631) 589-4063